Boundary Country Press Release re: Boundary Volunteer Ambulance


Boundary Volunteer Ambulance to Operate in Boundary County


Here is the text of the Commissioner’s Press Release on Boundary Volunteer Ambulance Service Contract Negotiations.  We will editorialize further on this topic in the future.

Here are our past editorials:

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Boundary Volunteer Ambulance Contract Expires

The Boundary County Commissioners make the following public offering in compliance with the July 27, 2012 letter of understanding to the Boundary Volunteer Ambulance.
This offer is made public for the purpose of clarity and to provide information to the residents of Boundary County.
The Ambulance Service District agrees to levy at the .04% rate on or before September 30, 2013 for the budget year 2013-2014. The Ambulance Service District shall pay to BVA the entire service district levy funds collected (not including late fees or interest, if any) for 2013-2014 budget year to be spent as the BVA board directs, payments to be made twice per year, one half on or before January 31, 2014 and one half on or before July 31, 2014 less $80,000.00 plus interest to repay the promissory note singed September 4, 2012. The taxes collected would first be applied to the note and the remaining balance shall be paid to BVA. The Commissioners do not want to be involved in BVA’s organizational structure of its Board of Directors. The contract would be for two (2) years with the first year rate as stated above and the following year at the rate of $175,000.00. The contract would terminate after the second year. Termination of the contract would only exist for breach of contract by either party. If the contract is breached by your client, then the County would be free to contract with other providers. BVA would also have the use of the County building they are now using free of charge during the term of the contract. BVA will supply all call records, type of calls, location of calls, level of service, and nature of transports to the Boundary County Commissioners and Ambulance District Board (currently the same board) every six months with the first report being provided on or before April 1, 2014.